What are the benefits of joining TSID as a member?

  • Discounts – receive discounts for the annual TSID Conference and more
  • Networking – meet other interpreters, interpreter trainers, and interpreter coordinators
  • Mentoring – find a more experienced colleague to help you develop specific skills or broaden your general knowledge
  • Professional Development – gain access to workshops, webinars, and other professional development events, often discounted for members, especially annual Conference
  • Scholarships – two scholarship funds for students and working interpreters
  • Leadership Opportunities – develop your leadership skills by serving as a Chapter Rep or Committee Chair, enhancing your resume

How long will a membership last?

  • Every purchase aligns with the current fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). If you purchase a membership on June 15th, it means you are active for only 15 days.

Is it possible to purchase memberships in advance?

  • Not at this time, membership purchases are for the fiscal year at time of purchase.

May I purchase a TSID membership with multiple years?

  • Currently no. We are looking into that.

How may I renew my membership?

Where can I get my membership card?


When is it hosted?

  • Conference is held in March, April and June every year unless TSID is partnering with another organization.

How many CEUs can I get from attending?

  • A member can obtain at least 2.0 CEU on average from attending a conference.

How do I get the discount to the annual TSID Conference?

  • Your membership must be active (not expired).

I received a coupon code and how do I apply it?

  • Go to www.tsidconference.org
  • Purchase your combo / full registration ticket
  • Apply your coupon code during the checkout


How to check for my CEU from TSID Conference?

What do I do if something is missing on my CEU Transcript?

How do I apply for CEUs for my event?

  • Refer to Obtain CEUs