Whitney Douglass
Whitney Douglass

The President is the chief executive officer of TSID and of the TSID Board, and shall preside at all official meetings of TSID, shall oversee all activities of the organization, shall serve as spokesperson for the organization, shall present an annual State of the Organization report to the membership, and shall serve as liaison to the Legislative Committee.

President Elect

Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson

The President-elect is responsible to monitor organizational policies and procedures and prepares to become President the following term. The President-elect shall preside in the absence of President, shall serve as Parliamentarian for Board meetings, shall serve as liaison to the Conference and Forums Committees, and shall serve as Chair of Motions and Resolutions Committee.

Vice President (Membership)

Justin Franklin
Justin Franklin

The Vice President is primarily responsible for overseeing membership and voting credentials for the organization. The Vice President shall process and maintain all membership records and shall serve as liaison to the Communications Committee.


Jessica Harp
Jessica Harp

The Secretary maintains the records of the organization. The Secretary shall record and distribute minutes of all organizational meetings and shall serve as liaison to the Scholarship and Awards Committee.


Shannon Whitley
Shannon Whitley

The Treasurer oversees the financial matters of the organization. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit financial reports, shall maintain records of all financial transactions following standard business and reporting practices, shall monitor financial aspects of all contracts, and shall serve as liaison to the Trust Fund Trustees.

Past President

Shawn Whitley
Shawn Whitley

The Past President maintains TSID’s historical perspective and serves as liaison to local chapters, nominations committee and student membership. The Past President shall have previously served as a TSID President. The Past President shall assist with the establishment of local chapters, and shall monitor motions passed by the membership and by the TSID Board.

RID Region IV Representative


The Region IV Rep is TSID’s liaison to RID.

Past Presidents

First NameLast NameService YearsHome City
RalphChurchill1963 – 1965Dallas
BillHooper1965 – 1966Grand Prairie
DeanCunningham1966 – 1967Austin
ShirleyPacetti1967 – 1968Houston
JimScoggins1968 – 1969Irving
FranHerrington11969 – 1970Austin
JonnieDuncan1970 – 1971Terrell
ElizabethCarlton21971 – 1972Dallas
MaryRedman1972 – 1973Houston
R.A. (Bob)Varnado1973 – 1974Port Neches
LilBrowning1974 – 1976Fort Worth
MelindaMcKee31976 – 1978Fort Worth
Robert (Rob)Granberry1978 – 1979Fort Worth
JanealeeAdams1979 – 1981Mesquite
MelindaMcKee1981 – 1982Fort Worth
LilBrowning1982 – 1984Fort Worth
DavidHylan1984 – 1986Fort Worth
StellaAshley1986 – 1990Dallas
RobinByers41990 – 1991El Paso
NancyEarwood51991 – 1993Austin
SusanTiller1993 – 1996Corpus Christi
LucyJames1996 – 1999Corpus Christi
DonEngland1999 – 2001Austin
Robert (Bob)Parrish2001 – 2003Dallas
StellaAshley2003 – 2005Dallas
NancyThomas2005 – 2007Lexington
ChrisGrooms2007 – 2009Houston
RitaLee62009 – 2011Houston
ErmaWebb2011 – 2013Cypress
NoraMcAllister2013 – 2015McAllen
ShawnWhitley2015 – 2017Austin
Jose “Frank”Peralez III2017 – 2019San Antonio
  1. Fran Herrington-Bore
  2. Elizabeth Criswell
  3. Melinda Moore
  4. Robin Byers-Pierce
  5. Nancy Thomas
  6. Rita Wedgeworth